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Welcome to Square root

Identify people, places, monuments, and answer GK questions to earn money.

Free signup, best margin, most relevant questions.


Snigdha tripathi-Nice website, tough questions, and lots of fun..

Shrishti Tiwari-I must say the questions are really challenging, and its not a quick or easy money at all, but a very creative idea.

Mansi sri-Prices of questions change quite rapidly don't know what to do?

Ankur jain-Nice website, though we earn slowly but it all depends on your luck and smartness.

Gaurav Gupta-I have earned some 2100 rs from this site till now.

Vikas gupta-15 seconds for some very tough questions, never take this site as a fun.

Suribhi paul-I earned around 557 Rs, though it was not easy :)

Priyanka jain-Nice website but you need lot of patience and knowledge to prove yourself, its a long time goal.

Rahul rai-I am playing on this site from the last 6 months and its a challenging but interesting site.

Amita singh-गलत जवाब देने पर भी फायदा कमाने की उम्मीद बानी रहती है यही सबसे अच्छी खूबी है यहाँ

Vishal modi-मानना पड़ेगा यहाँ सवाल बहुत कठिन होते है, पर उनका जवाब देने में अपना ही मजा है और अगर सही जवाब दिया तो फायदा भी है

Anjali tiwari-You can earn a lot but only if you are very smart..