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Squareroot is all about questions, buy questions, sell questions, answer questions, and earn through questions……..
You will be credited with 100 Rupees in your account on signup and you will be left with a number of question from all the branches of human conscience.
These questions will have weights depending upon their weirdness, buy them and answer them using the points in your account and your awareness, and increase their weights, sell them when they have earned enough profit, you may wait for some time because just like you increased its weight by buying and answering other may also(its a social team work), note that buying and answering increases weight by action from any user, selling or answering wrong decreases weight, finally encash your points in terms of real money(INR).

Please note:
Buying increments the weight by current rate.
Selling decrements the weight by current rate.
Answering correct increments the weight by current rate.
Answering Wrong decrements the weight by current rate.
Current rate keeps changing every second depending upon ratio between number of correct answers and number of attempts on the questions. Questions can be attempted only ones.
All the best, just find out how much light you have, start by signing up.

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