Terms of service

Here is a list of terms and conditions which you must strictly agree before taking part in our service.

(Last updated on June 10, 2018)

You must read, agree with and accept, all of the terms and conditions contained in this article, as these terms constitute Your legal and contractual obligations towards squareroot for using http://sqrt.in

You must not have more than single squareroot account: If you are a user of our service, then you should only possess one account with us, opening multiple account may lead to deactivation of some or all accounts which you are operating, the decision regarding the multiple or fake accounts will be solely depend upon either our automated system, or our executives. The termination of account may or may not be preceded by a notice, depending upon the seriousness of the scam. The account termination will lead to cancellation of any purchase action which you have done on our website, complete loss of your account details and profile data. You may also be barred from opening any account with us in future.

Using our Service

You may use our Service only as permitted by this Agreement and any applicable laws. Do not misuse our Service. For example, do not interfere with our Service or try to access them using a method other than the interface and the instructions that we provide.

When you are buying any question you must agree that you are spending this money on the respected action and the appropriate amount will be deducted from your account.

You can not intentionally encourage any other user to purchase the question which you have attempted already. Such attempt will be considered as a fraud and your account will be suspended immediately. You should not perform such activity through any mean, whether organic or technical.


Our privacy policy explains how we treat your personal data and protect your privacy when you use our Services. By using our Services, you agree that squareroot can use such data in accordance with our privacy policy. You will ensure that at all times you use the Services, the Properties have a clearly labeled and easily accessible privacy policy that provides end users with clear and comprehensive information about cookies, device-specific information, location information and other information stored on, accessed on, or collected from end users devices in connection with the Services, including, as applicable, information about end users options for cookie management. You will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that an end user gives consent to the storing and accessing of cookies, device-specific information, location information or other information on the end user's device in connection with the Services where such consent is required by law.

Initial price of questions:

It is only we(squareroot) that determines the initial price of any question which may change later due to users action. Also the margin on any question initially is determined by our team by doing an estimate about the weirdness of the question, the current margin and current price then keep on changing by actions performed by users as described below.

Current Margin

The current margin reflects the weirdness of the question calculated by the data obtained by users, when a user purchases a question, then this event is recorded as an attempt on that question by the user, and when he answers the questions correctly(Selected the correct radio button) then this event is recorded as a correct attempt, if the user doesn't answers a question within a predefined time(usually 15 seconds) then this event is recorded as a failed attempt, incorrect attempt or a wrong answer, similarly if the user selects the wrong option, then also the attempt is recorded as a wrong attempt.

The current margin is then calculated as the ratio between total number of attempts/number of correct attempts on this particular question.For example consider following scenario for any particular question 'Q'.

Total number of attempts on 'Q'=100
Number of correct attempts on 'Q'=20

Then depending on above scenario the current margin will be calculated as follows:
Current Margin=(100/20)=5

Please note that a compensating factor is also used in the above calculation from time to time so that the margin on questions should not increase abruptly by the misuse of service, in the absence of such margin the service may be misused by marking answers wrong intentionally by any user just to raise the margin, and this would be against the ethics of this program and will cause unjust behavior with other users.

Current Price

The current price rises by the factor of current margin whenever any user purchases a question and/or when ever he/she answers it correctly, please note that all these changes happen in real time. Also note that the current price decreases by the current margin whenever any user requests to sell a question. You must note that when you sell a question, you get an amount equal to the question's price at the moment it is sold, for example, if a question's current price is 92 Rs and margin is 2 Rs, and you put it on sale then its price will become 92-2=90 Rs, when some other user purchases it on this price of 90 Rs your question is said to be sold and you will get this amount(90 Rs) in your account. This data is more clearly reflected in the profit/loss mentioned with any particular question in your 'sell' option.

About buying credits

You may buy balance(squareroot balance) through payment gateway which is also linked to a personal bank account, please note down that this is a personal account but as per mentioned here in this article is liable for all the financial transactions that happen on squareroot. Please insure the value of this service on your own before performing any financial transaction with us of any form, this is totally on your wisdom that how you evaluate the value of this website before performing any financial transaction. For any complains or disputed about the payment please write to admin@sqrt.in.

About the refunds

You may encash your squareroot balance at any moment, please note that the processing may take around 2 working days, and more than it in case of sunday or national holidays.

Newsletter and account information

We send news updates regarding squareroot to your registered email address through us, we also send you your account details at a regular interval, to keep you updated and active on squareroot, by accepting our terms and condition you agree that you allow us to send such emails, you may opt out from news letters and account updates by clicking unsubscribe link in those emails at any time, although we strongly recommend you to keep receiving these news letters in order to remain updated about squareroot. Please be assured that we don't store any of your valuable information, such as bank account details, or your personal information. The bank account details which you provide us in order to encash your balance is deleted as soon as the payment is processed. Your name and email is minimum amount of data which we need to allow you access your squareroot account. We encourage you to always use a different password for squareroot account. In any circumstances none of these data is shared with any third party as per our knowledge. We never share what questions you attempted and whether you answered it correctly or not with any other person.


Please contact us online on our website home page under 'ask us' section, you are also invited to write us email to 'admin@sqrt.in' for any disputes or suggestions.